Valley of the Kings
It has been rumored for millennia that a hidden tomb exists in the Valley of Kings. The myth holds that artifacts of unparalleled value were hidden deep inside the tomb. The tomb's architects are said to have designed puzzles and traps only the gods themselves could hope to overcome. The pharaoh himself is rumored to have caused a curse to be placed upon the tomb to ward off intruders. You are part of an elite organization of explorers, eager to go on this adventure of a lifetime. Your organization believes it has the knowledge to navigate the tomb and access the artifacts hidden within. You and a team of specialists will travel to the heart of the tomb, but beware of the many dangers that lurk within.

Minutes: 60    Players 2-7    Difficulty: Intermediate

Most Challenging Room!

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Below Ground
Deep inside an old coal mine, the criminal organization known as Eclipse has hidden its headquarters. The CIA has been tracking them for months and recently sent one of their best agents, known only as Felix, to investigate Eclipse. Soon after he was deployed, the CIA lost contact with Felix. Just before disappearing however, Felix informed the CIA that Eclipse is planning to blow up every chamber of the mine with a bomb to cover up evidence of their crimes. You and your hand-picked team must descend into the mine and follow the clues Felix left for you. You need to find and disable the bomb before time runs out.

Minutes: 60    Players 2-12    Difficulty: Intermediate

Most Adventurous Room
*** We have 2 identical Below Ground rooms ! If you have a big group and want to compete and see who will solve the room first, book this game! We can allow 6 persons in each room for a fun time guarantee!***

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Lost Cabin
Your uncle has been missing for weeks. He has always been a recluse and obsessed with extra-terrestrial activities. The police have not found any clues about what might have happened to him. As time passes, you are afraid you might never see him again. You decide to take matters into your own hands. In his cabin, outside the city limits and deep within the dense forest, his belongings sit untouched, as if frozen in time. Working with what little information you have, you set out to determine what fate befell your uncle.

Minutes: 60    Players 2-7    Difficulty: Beginner

Most Popular Room!

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The Bunker (at Montbleu)
You came to Lake Tahoe for a relaxing vacation, but things took a turn for the worse when you were knocked unconscious and kidnapped. You awaken to discover you have been locked in a bunker. After taking a look around, it appears this was a secret CIA location. But it has now been seized by a criminal organization. They have evil plans and it is evident you are the only hope. Identify the criminals and escape The Bunker before it is too late.

Minutes: 60    Players 2-9    Difficulty: Beginner

Most Family Friendly Room!
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How much does it cost?
The price is $29 per person.

Will I be put with other people?
Not anymore! We made a lot of changes with covid and we reinforced our already strong sanitary procedures. One of the change is that we are not allowing groups to share a room. Thus, every booking will now be private!

Do you have gift vouchers?
Yes! You can order it here!

Are tickets refundable?
All purchases are final and there are no refunds for cancellations. However, games can be rescheduled with a 24 hour notice.

Can I schedule large group events?
Yes! We provide time slots for large group events whether it’s a birthday party or team building function for work. Give us a call and find out more about our group and teambuilding packages.

Tell me more about your bachelor/bachelorette parties?
An exciting and unique experience that the groom/bride will remember for a long time! Age restriction applies (min 21 years old) due to the surprises we have built in for you! Email us at or call us @ 775-589-2929 to book your unique experience!

Do you have a room where we can compete against each other?
Yes! We have two identical room (Below Ground) where you will start at the exact same time so we can see which one of you will finish first!