Valley of the Kings
It's a myth that's been passed on for hundreds of years. One that tells of an artifact that holds secrets in history and the solutions to the questions that scientists have been asking. The pharaohs had hidden it, deep in the pyramids chambers. The story describes clues being placed discretely throughout, meant to lead only the gods to its treasures. You learn of a curse that has it protected. You believe you have uncovered enough information to find your way to the heart of the pyramid. Time is short and you have to work quickly to prevent the curse from catching you.

Minutes: 60    Players 2-7    Difficulty: DifficultyDifficultyDifficulty

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Below Ground
Deep inside an old coal mine the criminal organization known as Eclipse has hidden its headquarters. Your agency, Star Knights Inc, has been following them for months now and had recently sent in one of their best agents known as codename Pluto 006 to take them down. However, news has come in that he sent over a distress message. He is trapped deep in the underground tunnels. But that is the last that was heard from him before disappearing. While underground he discovered that Eclipse is planning on detonating all chambers of the mine to cover up evidence of a recent heist. However, more than the mine is at stake. The nearby dam will be compromised putting the city below in great danger. You must now descend into the mine to follow the clues he left behind for you. Your mission? Locate and diffuse the bomb before it's too late.

Minutes: 60    Players 3-12    Difficulty: DifficultyDifficultyDifficultyDifficulty

Most Adventurous Room

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Lost Cabin
Your uncle has been missing for weeks. As time passes you're afraid that he might never been seen again. In his cabin, outside the city limits and within the wooded hills, his belongings sit untouched as if frozen in time. Not a single trace nor clue has been able to help the police track him down. You've decided to take matters into your own hands. Working with what little information you have, you set out to determine what super-natural power has ripped him from this reality.

Minutes: 60    Players 2-7    Difficulty: DifficultyDifficultyDifficulty

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The Bunker
You came to Lake Tahoe for a relaxing vacation but things took a turn when you were kidnapped and knocked unconscious. You awaken and discover you have been locked in a bunker. After taking a look around it appears this was a secret CIA location. But it has now been seized by a criminal organization. They have evil plans and it's evident you are the only hope. Identify the criminals and escape The Bunker before it's too late.

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How much does it cost?
The price is $29 per person.

Will I be put with other people?
If your party has some seats available, you might be paired up with other great agents to help you out with your mission! If you don't want to be paired up and if your party is 3 or more, call us @ 775-589-2929 so we can block the other available seats.

Do you have gift vouchers?
Yes! You can order it here!

Are tickets refundable?
All purchases are final and there are no refunds for cancellations. However, games can be rescheduled with a 24 hour notice.

Can I schedule large group events?
Yes! We provide time slots for large group events whether it’s a birthday party or team building function for work. Give us a call and find out more about our group and teambuilding packages.

Tell me more about your bachelor/bachelorette parties?
An exciting and unique experience that the groom/bride will remember for a long time! Age restriction applies (min 21 years old) due to the surprises we have built in for you! Email us at or call us @ 775-589-2929 to book your unique experience!

Do you have a room where we can compete against each other?
Yes! We have two identical room (Below Ground) where you will start at the exact same time so we can see which one of you will finish first!