Special Events

Puzzle Room Tahoe offers plenty to do with four different escape room to choose from along with a 3,500 sq feet lounge for special event. We can accommodate both small and large groups up to 100 people! To make your special event truly special, we have at your disposition a full bar ('XHale' bar that can be opened just for you until 9pm), a VIP room, and a 2,500 sq feet lounge/sitting room/dancing area! The options are endless to make your private event memorable at a very affordable price. Just call us @ 775-589-2929 or email us at Info@PuzzleRoomTahoe.com for a custom quote!




2,500 sq ft Lounge


VIP - Room


sitting area
Sitting Area with TV


An escape game for ages 21 and over. An exciting experience that the groom/bride will remember for a long time! Age restriction applies due to the surprises we have built in for you.

Birthday Parties:

Lock the birthday boy or girl in a room for an hour - surprise!

Work Events:

Book multiple rooms and see who escapes first. Be quick!

Team Building:

Fuel your team and have fun while working under pressure. It's a race against the clock!


We have a very large private event room that we can book for you. Call/Email us to customize any event you would like! Food and drinks available!


Can I schedule large group events?
Yes! We provide time slots for large group events whether it’s a birthday party or team building function for work. Give us a call and find out more about our group and teambuilding packages.

Tell me more about your bachelor/bachelorette parties?
An exciting and unique experience that the groom/bride will remember for a long time! Age restriction applies (min 21 years old) due to the surprises we have built in for you! Email us at Info@PuzzleRoomTahoe.com or call us @ 775-589-2929 to book your unique experience!

Do you have a room where we can compete against each other?
Yes! We have two identical room (Below Ground) where you will start at the exact same time so we can see which one of you will finish first!

How much does it cost to rent the lounge and have private access to the bar?
Depending on what you are looking for (i.e: full lounge, VIP room only, bar access, dance floor…), and size of the group, the quote may vary. To ensure you have an amazing experience, our prices are very affordable and we will do our best to work within your budget. Give us a call or shoot us an email at Info@PuzzleRoomTahoe.com to discuss more!

How do I schedule a private party or special event like a team building, or a bachelor/bachelorette or a birthday party?
Call us @ 775-589-2929 or email us Info@PuzzleRoomTahoe.com to discuss your needs. We love to accommodate our customers to make sure they have a unique and memorable experience!

Can we bring food or drinks for our private event?
Depending on the group size, you are welcome to bring food. No need to bring drinks- we have a full bar available (as we partner up with XHale lounge). Xhale is located right next door. Call us in advance so we can open the bar for you! Date/time restrictions may apply.